Magazine Advert Complete!

After completing the front cover of my digipak, I decided to make a start on my second ancillary text as I now had the necessary requirements (digipak front cover) to make my magazine advert. I managed to complete this text so here it is…

magazine advert

I believe I followed the plan I drew out very closely and I am very happy with what I have been able to create as it is what I envisioned when planning the advert.


In the planning post I showed the two adverts that influenced me the most, the layout from the Drake ‘Take Care’ advert and the text from the Stormzy ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’, and I believe my advert showcases my inspiration from these texts off well.

Music Video Final Draft Feedback


After the screening of my final draft I made a survey for the viewers to fill out. This was conducted by having several UK rap fans and several media creators sit down, watch the final draft of my music video and then fill out a survey I created on SurveyMonkey.

The first question was “Would you categorise this music video in the music genre of UK Rap? If not why?” Everyone answered yes for this question, which was satisfying as it points in the right direction of me making a conventional UK Rap media text which I set out to do.

survey q1

The second question was “Do you believe this video kept to conventions of UK Rap music videos?”

survey q2

70% of people said yes to the question and 30% said sometimes. I think this 7:3 ratio is the perfect way to describe analytically how I stuck to conventions, as for the most part I did try to stick to conventions of the genre but as I have evidenced and reasoned in my blog, there were certain factors I wanted and needed to change for the success of my music video. And as the genre theorist Steve Neale said ” genre that uses repetition won’t attract audiences, the genre needs to evolve with the audience” and that is exactly what I did in that 30% of the video where I didn’t follow conventions. I evolved from just UK rap and blended in features and conventions from new-school american hip-hop such as the colour of the sky reflecting emotions and as the singularity of the artist is not common in UK rap they usually have an entourage, put I changed this for the video to match the song. The fact no one sad no further proves I made an overall conventional media text.

The third question was “Did you connect with the artist/protagonist in the video? Why and how?” I asked this question as in terms of Vladimir Propp’s character theory the artist would be the ‘hero’ and for films or sequences with a main character to be successful they generally need to be relateble. And also one of my goals when creating this was for the audience to be able to connect and relate to it.

survey q3

Apart from one everyone answered yes to this question and some going in further detail saying they were aware of how the artist was effected by what he witnessed. This is exactly what I wanted to the audience to be able to see as the narrative sequence is a situation (maybe sometimes not as extreme) a lot of young people in urban areas are put in by ‘friends’ and my music video shows how young people feel they have to keep quite and protect these ‘friends’ and how it effects them and how that ‘friend’ is then no longer there for them.

The fourth question on my feedback survey was “Did you understand how the video linked with the songs lyrics?” I asked this question as in the creation of my music video, I thought it was important for the music video to link to the lyrics of the song and convey the message the artist was giving in the song, as music videos are visual representations of the artists work.


Everyone but one person understood how the song and the video linked and this I was so happy about. This was and is the main purpose of the music video and for this to be recognised and appreciated by my audience shows I have been successful in the creation of my text. This was especially something I was happy about as adding in a narrative was and uncommon and unconventional thing to do in a UK rap music video however my audience did want it and it worked.

The fifth question I asked was “Did you like and would you recommend the music video?”

survey q5

This question was asked for obvious reasons,as obviously I want my text to be liked by my audience and a staggering 90% said they not only liked but would recommend my music video.

The last question I asked was “What would you change about the music video?” Here are all the answers…

survey q1p1survey q6p2

As you can see, a very common suggestion for improvement was the camera quality and I fully agree. Next time I make a media product I will try to make the camera quality better bu it is down to what I had access too and the camera I have is not particularly high spec so the video quality was the best I could do. Some people suggest more effects to do with I presume transitions as that is conventional mainly in grime but sometimes UK rap too. As cool as those transitions are, I don’t think a repeated amount would really really suit my music video as that pace wouldn’t match the song.



Yesterday Yxng Bane released his new song and the music video for it- ‘Vroom’. I watched this as I am a fan of Yxng Bane’s music and as well as liking the song, I thought the editing in the video was amazing. It’s edited so the artist is in the shot more than once at a time… It’s hard to explain but if you watch below you will see what I mean.

See! The edits are done so seamlessly and smooth I think its so impressive and creative, this is defiantly one of my favourite music videos of 2018, and probably ever actually, especially since this is one of the first music videos i’ve watched and actually sat back to think about and respect how good the editing is. Here are a few screen shots of the amazing edits!

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.44.34Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.46.01Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 12.47.01





On Remand

Yesterday the music video for K Koke ft Dappy ‘On Remand’ was released and I was very impressed. The song is about troubles with police and how if they want someone locked up, they will even if this person hasn’t actually done something. And the visuals for this song are fantastic, here it is..

The colouring of the music video is very dark which links very well to the context of the song. Also the lighting is amazing, I think this is my favourite part of the video as it gives such an uneasy and dark effect which links to the situation the artists are representing.


Digipak Draft and Feedback

Here is the first draft for my digipak!

digipak 1

I have showcased and explained the front cover of my digipak in a previous post (Digipak Front Cover Complete!) so check that out if your interested in the inspiration behind it.

Back cover

digipak backThe back cover I kept conventional by making it simple and sticking to themes of the album and the grime music genre. The background colour is the same image I used for the front, and I also included five stars down the left hand side again to show how the artist is an aspiring star and links to his name ‘StxrKid’. The theme of the album is continued further as I use the same text for the song names as I do for the bold titles on the front cover. The images representing buildings are included at the bottom as the symbolise urban areas and this is a big convention of grime as the birthplace of this genre is London, one of the most popular urban cities in the world. I made these images of tower blocks using the square drawing tool on Photoshop. I made five different size rectangles, filled them with grey colour (darker grey for the two at the side to make them appear as if they are further away), and then used the same rectangle tool to make black little boxes and use them as windows. To save me repeatedly drawing these boxes and risk them not being the same size, I copied the layer so I could just move a new one into the next space. That was how I kept to the conventions of grime, but I also talked about in my blog post New School Hip-hop how I wanted to incorporate aspects of this style of hip hop in my music video. This is why I included the royalty free image of the palm trees as these are associated with luxury lifestyles and the lifestyle of a ‘star’ and also match the cool coloured skies I have in my music video, linking to the new school hip hop aspect I wanted to include. Like I did with the magazine advert I made inter-textual reference to the real artist of this album, as I included the real albums name (minus) as the first song name and also featured the artist and the artist who produced a lot of the songs onto my album back cover, I put the featured in brackets and a grey text next to the song name to separate from the name of the song. This was inspired by the back cover of Stormzy’s digipak for ‘Gang Signs and Prayer’. This has the songs down the middle and has artists featured in a different shade f text and in brackets next to it.

This digipak back cover and the back cover from Drakes ‘Take Care’ album are probably what inspired me the most in the creation of my back cover from my digipak, but it did not want to leave it as plain so decided my self to add some images my self that would link to the conventions of my album.

CD Label

digipak cdHere is the Label. I again like for the whole digipak created this on Adobe Photoshop. I watched a very helpful YouTube tutorial by Willson Creative Studio on making a CD label on Photoshop, here it is below..


Once I had the layout and dimensions of the CD sorted, I began designing. The panel behind the CD is black to match the other inside panels (see further down) and the background clour of the CD isthe same as the front and back cover. The CD like most hip-hop CDs is relatively simple, what I did was just put the artists name and the album name on the CD in a similar way to how it appears on the front for consistency. I also put a star in the middle of the disc as it links to the theme of the album.

IMG_1309The CD for Chip’s ‘League Of My Own II’ album inspired me. Although I would not say that my disc looks similar which is good in terms of originality, what inspired me was the theme throughout the digipak (will see in more detail below in inside panels section). What did influence me from this CD label however was the artists name and album name appearing with text/image crossing the centre of the CD.


Inside Panels

digipak inside panelThe inside panels for my digipak are plain black. This was inspired by the both grime artists Chip and Stormzy’s albums I looked at and researched in summer. Although it a plain black panel is not very creative, this is what two of the biggest artists in my chosen both have in the inside of their latest album digipaks and here is why, because of new media technologies and changes in media. Audiences (especially the young adult and teen audience of grime) much prefer to stream music now, hence me making the Instagram advert to keep my creation up to date. So artists aren’t as worried as what the inside panels of their digipak looks like as it won’t be getting as much attention from audiences as they will just see the cover online when streaming or seeing it advertised. The black also does link to the dark and gritty urban style of the genre. As I said above in the CD label section, the style of Chip’s ‘League Of My Own II’ digipak inspired me.

What I noticed about this and Stormzy’s album was the simplicity of it, the plain black inside panels, which was I realised because of it being a modern album. And although it is simple, it is conventional and very aesthetically pleasing, their is not too much going on and the style flows well throughout the whole digipak which I believe I have been able to achieve, and the darkness makes you aware of what genre the album is.



In order to gain feedback on this draft of my digipak, I decided like I had done previously with various other drafts of my products to hold a focus group. Like before, I had 5 UK rap fans and 5 amateur media creators at a similar skill level to me, to give feedback on my digipak.

The synopsis of the feedback was that the UK rap fans really liked the digipak, however the media creators did not like the plain black panels. They thought that it did not showcase photography skills very well, and thought that I should include some more images on these empty panels. This is something that I will do as it will make the digipak