Advert Analysis 1: Wretchrospective

This is a magazine advert for Wretch 32’s Album, “Wretchrospective”.


On first look, this advert contains many conventions of an album advert. for example, it has the name of the artist, the album, the release date of the album, who features on the album and where it will be available to purchase from.

One of the first noticeable factors of this advert is that it relates to the album cover its self, as it has the same image of the artist on both media products.

wretchrospective album

This helps with the recognition of the artist and the album, as the artist is recognised by an image of him and so is the album.

The typography of “Wretchrospective” is modernist, portraying that Wretch 32 is a modern artist. However the typography for the artists name is urban, and in the style of a graffiti tag.

This urban theme is consistent throughout, as following the urban typography the advert also has the artist in urban clothing. The artwork also represents an urban theme as it contains images of tower blocks in the background. The artist has ink crawling up his neck and his arms are filled in with this ink, showing he is apart of the artwork and apart of the urban setting. The urban theme is so predominant throughout as it links to the genre of grime the artist produces. Also, it is likely that a lot of the artists listeners are too from an urban background, as in 2008 when this album was made, grime was not as mainstream as it is now, so it only really had listeners from inner cities, hence the urban theme as it was relateable to its listeners, therefore attracting them to the album.


To help me with my analysis of this music video poster, I used an analysis that has been done before on this poster. I found this on slide share.






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