Digipak Analysis 1: Abbey Road

Front Cover

The front cover of the album consists of one image that covers the whole front side of the Digipak. The photograph on the front side of the Digipak related to the band as it is them crossing Abbey Road, the location where the Beatles recorded most of their songs.


abbey road

The shot of the photograph is a long shot of the band. This conveys that there is no leader or hierarchy in the group. In fact, half of their faces cannot be seen, supporting the idea of equality, a very big theme in the 60’s and 70’s, and a theme heavily associated with the band, and they wanted to portray this through their album cover.

abbey road title

The name of the band is not placed in a generic location (such as the centre) instead situated in the top left hand corner. The reasoning behind this is because The Beatles wanted to make sure the focus of the album cover was on the image. This was a successful marking ploy as the picture became very popular, with many fans recreating the image, and meant that The Beatles were recognised without the name of their band.


Back Cover

On the back cover of the album there is the bands name, the album title, the 25 songs included in the album, text at the bottom promoting the production and at the top right hand corner the production companies logo. This is a relatively generic layout for the back cover of an album.
back of abbey road

The image of the lady walking contradicts the front cover, as rather showing an identity like on the front, we are presented with a mystery. The image of the brick wall solidifies the genre of music, as the hardness and strength denotes the genre of rock. This entices their target audience of rock fans. The titles on the back cover draw connotations to that of road signs found on brick walls, portraying the theme of Abbey Road.


Inside Panels

abbey road inside panel 1

abbey road inside panel 2

abbey road inside panel 3







The inside of the Digipak contains three images of the Band. This is for fan appreciation as they like to seem images of the band. The images are also used to promote them as rock artists. The denim clothes and their posture connote their ‘musicianship’ and is stereotypical of the rock genre, this too is done to promote the band.



Although this band does not make the same genre of music as my product will be, I still decided to do an analysis of this Digipak due to the popularity and iconography of this Album cover. I aim to make a cover for my digipak that is iconic as is this one.

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